Leverage your
athletic mind for success beyond sports


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David Gardner interviews pro athletes to learn how how they leverage their athletic mind for success beyond sports.


Athletes are gifted humans.

And excellence in sport is merely a byproduct of that gift.

The world requires athletes to make a big jump to their next act; one filled with even greater impact and longevity.

Success beyond sports is not the exception, but the expectation.


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David Gardner is a former pro basketball player turned founder of branding firm ColorJar and host of podcast The Big Jump.

In 2008, David founded branding firm ColorJar from his bedroom and has grown it into one of Chicago’s top-rated branding firms.

As the host of The Big Jump podcast, David sits down with pro athletes to discuss how they’ve leveraged their athletic minds for success beyond sports.

David has won top entrepreneur awards at The White House and The United Nations; has given speeches for The US State Department, Google, IBM, and Notre Dame; guest lectures at Northwestern; and has been featured by numerous media outlets as a branding expert.