The Secret Life of Kris Humphries


“I didn’t really stop playing to become a businessman. There has to be that curiosity early on.”

Episode Description

From his competitive, athletic upbringing to holding a world title in swimming at the age of 10, there’s more to Kris Humphries than what most people perceive. In a rare interview, Kris talks with David about his life beyond his 13 years in the NBA and label as “the Most Hated Man in the NBA.” Kris opens up about his budding business empire, from his successful Five Guys franchising to various real estate investments to his Range Rover ban, and growing interest in cryptocurrency.

Guest Info

A Minnesota native, Kris Humphries spent 13 years in the NBA. Kris has since returned to his home state to grow the real estate and Five Guys franchising businesses that he began developing in 2011 when he was still in the NBA. An entrepreneur and businessman, Kris has taken the next big jump in his life from athletics to the world of business.


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Show Notes

  • Making the wrong basket -- earliest childhood sports memories [6:19]

  • Growing up in an athletic family [6:58]

  • Incentivizing the Dairy Queen blizzard [9:14]

  • On swimming: beating Michael Phelps and being the best swimmer in the world [10:53]

  • The “Last Little Thing” [15:43]

  • Dealing with disappointment [17:46]

  • The importance of staying ready [18:58]

  • Three teams in three weeks -- the literal wake-up call [20:00]

  • It’s all in the process [22:28]

  • What’s the worst mistake someone can make? [23:03]

  • Behind the “Most Hated Man in the NBA” [24:06]

  • Maintaining discipline [26:28]

  • The community behind accountability [30:16]

  • The Range Rover Ban [34:05]

  • 7th grade financial accounting -- the budding businessman [36:27]

  • The 20 & Under Program [38:02]

  • Kris’ real estate ventures [41:09]

  • Dealing with doubt -- accountability for yourself [43:04]

  • The Five Guys transformation -- a family business success story [44:14]

  • The complexity of 1 [47:29]

  • Learning the nuts and bolts of your business [49:47]

  • The intersection of business and sports [52:36]

  • The Hot Tub -- surrounding yourself with the best and becoming the best [54:20]

  • What are the cryptomaniacs? [57:45]

  • Never be the smartest [1:00:53]

  • What’s with Minnesota? [1:04:48]

  • The 6’9” wakesurfer [1:06:11]

  • Minnesota Nice [1:07:31]

  • What’s a perfect day? [1:08:11]

  • Signing with the Nets -- what you would least expect [1:09:38]

  • Final thoughts [1:11:34]

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