Gold Medal Doctor Rachel Buehler Van Hollebeke


“I don’t think medicine and academics took away anything from my pursuit of soccer. If anything, I think they added to it”

Episode Description

After winning two Olympic golds and a World Cup silver, Rachel Buehler van Hollebeke has made her big jump from the world of professional soccer to medical school. In episode 6 of The Big Jump, David and Rachel talk the “Buehldozer,” Disney music, and her incredible 24 hour transition from professional soccer to medical school orientation. From inspiring the next generation of female soccer players to following her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, Rachel opens up about her double life as a professional athlete and high-level academic.

Guest Info

As a three-year captain of the Stanford soccer team, two-time Olympic gold medal winner, and World Cup silver medalist, Rachel Buehler van Hollebeke won hearts as the “Buehldozer.” However, Rachel has always kept her dream of being a doctor alive. After retiring from professional soccer in 2015, Rachel has returned home to San Diego as a medical student at the University of San Diego School of Medicine. Now in her third year of medical studies, Rachel is considering a career in either family medicine or OB-GYN.


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Show Notes

  • Earliest memory playing sports

  • No pressure parents

  • A heart surgeon’s daughter

  • Realizing her potential

  • The 1999 World Cup

  • Das Buehl-dozer

  • Stanford years

  • Putting on the National jersey

  • A double life -- Olympics and MCATs

  • The Little Mermaid effect

  • Podium moment

  • Keeping the doctor dream alive

  • The 2011 World Cup

  • Placing an importance on women’s soccer

  • The 2012 Olympics

  • Behind the emotions -- gold medal 2

  • Going pro  

  • The generation of inspiration

  • Taking on van Hollenback

  • Rachel’s Big Jump -- The 2015 Team

  • A 24 hour turnaround

  • Missing the instinct  

  • From the field to medical school

  • Picking a new field

  • Leveraging her athletic mind

  • Managing perceptions

  • What aspect of yourself are you working on

  • Happy place

  • Rookie Rachel

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