Superbowl Winner Ryan Mundy Tackles Tech Investing


“You have to have a certain level of grit, toughness, and determination to get the job done”

Episode Description

With a Superbowl win and eight seasons in the NFL under his belt, Ryan Mundy has made his big jump from professional football to the tech investing world. From tackling offensive linebackers to launching his own venture capital firm, Mundy is more than just an athlete. In episode five of The Big Jump, Mundy and David talk helmets, concussions, tech, and transitions.

Guest Info

A former safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and Chicago Bears, Ryan Mundy has since transitioned from the NFL to the tech world. Mundy completed his MBA while still in the NFL and now runs his own tech investing firm, Techlete Ventures. From the NFL to the business world, Ryan is now a one-man venture capitalist, focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain.


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Show Notes

  • Earliest memory playing sports [4:26]

  • Coach Mundy [6:45]

  • Beyond the Youth League [8:46]

  • Coach Novak [9:54]

  • College years -- a bald spot [11:49]

  • Managing Director of Defense -- behind the statistics [16:17]

  • The Physical [19:36]

  • The Helmet -- CTE & concussion controversy [21:07]

  • 17 Stitches [29:06]

  • Starting business school [34:17]

  • Self-sabotage -- transitioning out of the NFL [36:30]

  • Professional Coffee Drinker -- launching an investment career [40:08]

  • Seeing through the athletic exterior [43:45]

  • The Sport of Venture Investing [45:10]

  • Mundy’s Investment Thesis [48:34]

  • Sports Tech -- feelings of being boxed in [51:41]

  • Beyond the binary -- Plan A & B [53:31]

  • What’s your happy place? [57:21]

  • What’s your perfect day? [58:02]

  • Final advice [1:00:31]

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