From Down Under to On Top – Luke Milton Goes From Aussie Rugby Champ to Fitness Entrepreneur


“If we’re not social healthy, physically and mentally we’re screwed, you can’t do it anyway…we’re not just designed to be individuals and never ever engage with other people – we need it.”

Episode Description

Hello Mate – welcome to a special episode of The Big Jump, David’s first episode with a non-American pro athlete. And one who has made a big jump across the big pond to create success beyond sports: Luke Milton. In this episode, David and Luke talk about growing up in Australia and what Luke did to step out of his older brothers shadow and how after winning a Rugby League championship he switched to Rugby Union – basically a different sport – and how he overcame the struggles of proving himself all over again 

Luke got visible goosebumps during this interview talking about a certain memory related to playing for the Aussie national team, and he shared what it’s like to be on the receiving end end of a Haka from the New Zealand All Blacks – and the effect it had on him isn’t what you’d expect. 

Guest Info

Luke was a Pro Rugby champion in Australia and played for the Australian national team before making his big jump to becoming an entrepreneur. He is now the founder of the successful fitness brand Training Mate – a high intensity group fitness class with three locations and counting in Los Angeles – and you may also know Luke as one off the celebrity trainers from the hit tv show Revenge Body w/ Khloe Kardashian on E! 


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