Getting Outside Mason Plumlee's Comfort Zone


“For everybody, there are elements of sport that they miss more than others. I wonder if being self-aware of what that is could help in that transition”

Episode Description

In episode four of The Big Jump, David sits down with Mason Plumlee, one of three Plumlee brothers in the NBA. From using Outlier Theory to understand Mason’s success as a middle child to recognizing the need to pursue interests off the court, David and Mason discuss Mason’s journey into the NBA and the future transitions that will inevitably result.

Guest Info

A National Champion at Duke University who currently plays for the Denver Nuggets, Mason Plumlee ranks within the top third of NBA players. Plumlee’s success follows him off the court as he engages in various pursuits from his webshow and rap videos to investing in aloe water, and real estate. A native of Indiana, Plumlee enjoys traveling and adapting the reflective perspective that results from world travel.


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Show Notes

  • Earliest memory playing sports [4:27]

  • Warsaw, IN -- the orthopedic capital of the world [5:21]

  • Trying everything [6:13]

  • Mason swims [7:00]

  • The Plumlee Parents [8:52]

  • Outlier Theory [11:47]

  • Mason the Middle Child -- benefits from Marshall and Miles [16:53]

  • The Duke Experience [23:31]

  • The Draft [25:23]

  • Balancing a life off the court [27:34]

  • “Shut up and dribble” -- Breaking through an athlete’s physicality [32:13]

  • What goes into a good transition -- diversification of identity [35:49]

  • Future transitions [40:49]

  • Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation [43:54]

  • Mason’s many pursuits [45:55]

  • Plumdog Millionaire -- putting yourself out there [48:55]

  • Delving into Real Estate -- developing an athlete fund [52:43]

  • World traveler [57:30]

  • Gratitude and hard work -- the Balinese water girl [1:00:36]

  • What aspect of yourself are you working on [1:02:55]

  • What ability do you wish you had [1:04:16]

  • Final advice [1:04:47]

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