Solosode - Invisible Box Syndrome


I’ve learned that the core blocker to reinvention is being put into a box

Episode Description

Rather than the usual interview format where Host David Gardner sits down with a pro athlete who has created success beyond sports, this a Solo Episode – or a if you prefer a “Solosode.” If you’re thinking about making your next big jump, this episode is for you. It answers the question: what holds us back from reinventing ourselves and writing our own story? And what holds people back, the reinvention killer – is actually ourselves. So this episode is really about you. There’s something that we all do – but we’re blind to it – it’s invisible to us – what David calls “Invisible Box Syndrome.” This episode discusses how to beat “Invisible Box Syndrome” and will help anyone who wants to spark their next big jump.


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Show Notes

  • Thinking about making your next big jump? [0:40] 

  • The reinvention killer [1:10]

  • The Boxes [2:20]

  • Invisible Box Syndrome [3:16] 

  • The Stereotype Box [4:05]

  • Be one thing and one thing only [6:54]

  • The trophy that won’t go away [7:59]

  • Shut up and dribble [8:45]

  • Beyond the stereotypes [9:50]

  • The Invisible Box [10:09] 

  • Fear [10:40] 

  • Breaking out [11:38] 

  • The tiger in its cage [12:22] 

  • Approaching your own limits [13:38]

  • Signing off [14:19]

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