Hollywood, Eh?! NHL Veteran Brooks Laich Takes Aim


"I have no idea what it’s going to take. I just know I have the why to get there. I don’t have the how to get there, but I have the why."

Episode Description

With 14 years in the NHL, Brooks Laich is an NHL veteran. Since leaving the LA Kings in November, he has transitioned from a valiant professional hockey career to a life off the ice. From moving to Los Angeles to be with his wife, Julianne Hough, starting a foundation, and finding Crossfit, Brooks sits down with David to talk about his big jump.

Guest Info

A Canadian native, Brooks Laich started playing professional hockey on the NHL circuit when he was 19. In his 14 year long NHL career, Brooks became known for his passion and discipline. Now, Brooks is an avid crossfit athlete and humanitarian, helping people in need through his and his wife’s charity, Love United.


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Show Notes

  • A 1 year old and a hockey ad -- earliest memory of sports [4:51]

  • Stars align -- the journey to hockey [5:47]

  • Growing up in Wawota [6:14]

  • What’s so great about an unfinished basement? [7:02]

  • Bobsled skates [7:48]

  • Brooks as a figure skater [8:33]

  • It takes a village: tough love and unconditional support [9:15]

  • Gravitating towards a hockey life [12:44]

  • Saying no to college [13:30]

  • Full steam ahead [15:08]

  • Deer-in-headlights: reaching the NHL goal [17:20]

  • Dealing with pressure [19:12]

  • 3 workouts a day: how to stay in the game [20:54]

  • A broken face [21:59]

  • Athlete conditioning: dealing with adversity, eliminating excuses [23:56]

  • The end of one career: leaving the LA Kings [26:31]

  • Transitioning identity: motivating factors [30:31]

  • Following your natural flow: Crossfit [33:49]

  • Being Julianne’s husband: the move to to Hollywood [35:20]

  • Juggling two successful careers [37:22]

  • Brooks on relationships -- building your own person [41:01]

  • Within an athletic mind: building Love United [43:23]

  • Love United: not about us [44:50]

  • At a crossroads: thinking through potential paths with David [48:51]

  • Going all-in [51:48]

  • Motivation vs discipline [53:27]

  • Transitioning to professional crossfit [54:40]

  • Comfort within uncertainty [56:56]

  • Listening as a weapon [59:00]

  • What’s Brooks working towards right now? [59:41]

  • Brooks’ happy place [1:01:49]

  • Advice to rookies [1:02:22]

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