One Big Thing – Social Health


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In this One Big Thing Episode, David Gardner reflects on the effects that keeping Social Health top of mind can have. Luke Milton did a great job of introducing the topic and setting the stage to explore further ways that we can tackle the epidemic of Loneliness.

Guest Info

Luke was a Pro Rugby champion in Australia and played for the Australian national team before making his big jump to becoming an entrepreneur. He is now the founder of the successful fitness brand Training Mate – a high intensity group fitness class with three locations and counting in Los Angeles – and you may also know Luke as one off the celebrity trainers from the hit tv show Revenge Body w/ Khloe Kardashian on E!


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Show Notes

  • One Big Thing [0:50]

  • Concept of Social Health [1:49]

  • Luke on the Topic [2:10]

  • Listener Feedback - It’s worth being proactive [4:07]

  • Loneliness is an epidemic [4:43]

  • Make it happen for yourself [6:34]

  • Challenge: Build your A-Team [7:25]

  • Awareness is the first step [9:19]

  • Coming soon [10:48]

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